Our expertise lies in three areas.





From A to Z: full service

Together we realize the construction project

Our expertise comes together in three areas, construction and process management, plan development and housing advice. Our enthusiastic advisors use their expertise in these three areas optimally for the best results. We do this by connecting and coordinating all parties involved in the construction process. Exceptional collaboration between parties is the key to success. The result should always be better than each input separately. Sometimes the solution lies in approaching the problem from a different angle. That is what our enthusiastic construction managers immerse themselves in every day. Find more information about the different expertise of our construction project managers.

Construction management and process management

During construction and process management , Objectum coordinates the construction process from start to finish. A design team often consists of a combination of different parties, such as an architect, installation consultant, constructor, construction cost manager and other specialists. As project managers, we focus on all these parties within construction management. We organize communication between parties and monitor the construction process, so that the building is completed within the preconditions. Our dedicated construction managers monitor the results and take care of risk management. So that clients can keep an overview and make an informed decision.

Plan development

With plan development , whether it concerns redevelopment, new construction or transformation, we unburden the client. We supervise the project and maintain close cooperation with all parties involved, such as the client, buyer, advisors and authorities. Our construction managers do not cover one solution, but always work out multiple scenarios. In this way, a well-considered and strategic choice can be made and opportunities and threats are already clear before the design process starts. Issues such as sustainability, corporate social responsibility, energy transition and anticipating social developments are also the order of the day and are included in the development advice.

Housing advice

Good accommodation fits in seamlessly with the primary process of the organization. Now and in the future. In order to come up with accommodation advice, the flexibility, ambition and budget of the organization are therefore taken into account. This with one goal in mind: to find a golden match between the organization and the new real estate. We remain involved in a project from start to finish, from housing advice to relocation coordination. But also afterwards. Increasingly, the operation and maintenance of existing real estate is central. How can existing real estate be best maintained? Our project managers address these sustainability issues by carrying out operating budgets, multi-year maintenance plans and building scans.