Proud of our construction projects

Building projects with character

Our enthusiastic consultants assist clients with their development issues. We connect and coordinate all parties involved in the construction process. Optimal cooperation is the key to success here. After all, the result must be better than each input separately. Our diverse portfolio includes projects from housing, education and offices to retail, health care & society and transformations. On this page more information about the various construction projects in which we have participated.

Broadly educated professionals

The building process is influenced by many factors. There are preconditions, internal and external factors and risks associated with every construction project. The expression ‘all roads lead to Rome’ was rarely so appropriate. But what is the right way? And how can we be sure that the result will be better than it was before? This is where our versatile advisors come in. We are stubborn in our own way, we see opportunities and identify risks. All with one goal in mind: the result must always be better than each input separately. We don’t settle for mediocrity. We direct, coordinate, control and monitor the process from start to finish. In such a way that your building is completed within the set preconditions. In short, a design that meets all your needs. And moreover, a construction project that we can be proud of.

Diverse portfolio

Our portfolio of projects reflects the diversity of our work. We have construction projects within various disciplines. Housing projects are often commissioned by large corporations, whereby a distinction is made between rental and owner-occupied housing, but also social rent and the private sector. The Education category includes projects commissioned by schools, where the challenge is to create accommodation that suits the organization. The same applies to shops, hospitals, healthcare institutions and office buildings.

Sustainability & social impact

The repurposing and sustainability of existing real estate is becoming increasingly important within the real estate market. This gives transformations a more prominent role in construction projects. Nowadays it is no longer just about new construction. How to exploit and maintain existing real estate becomes increasingly important. Circular construction is also playing an increasingly important role in construction projects, in which the more efficient use of available raw materials and materials forms the core.

Construction projects in video

We regularly send our filmmaker on the road to record our most beautiful construction projects. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, don’t they? Watch all our videos here .